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The Father's Fuel

  “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!” These timeless words have been passionately sung from sanctuaries and prairies; hymnals and recitals; churchyards and graveyards; living rooms and waiting rooms. The lyrics and their flagship tune will march proudly into the dawning of time. Every Christian tradition knows the song and knows it well. But do we understand the meaning of that which we carol? “Grace” is so easy to say and to sing, but so hard to lend and to live. It reads perfectly on signs or slogans. It beautifully decorates coffee tables and kitchens. But what does it truly look like? When is it fully experienced? Why is it actually given? How is it adequately measured? These questions, and others like them, deserve a lifetime of tutelage. The pursuit of grace deepens the maturity of the pursuer. Yet we turn our eyes to grace’s debut on history’s stage. Grace was seen in the garden, but grace was scribed before the curtain opened on the fall of

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